Financial Literacy | How to / Ways to start saving

Let’s talk about Debt, Spending, and more importantly SAVINGS. Don’t have savings? or even an emergency fund? Best to get started now! Let’s talk about something serious. Something a lot of us Filipinos don’t really talk about – or don’t really want to, which is – Saving, being in debt – Financial literacy. At the…

Best Baby Diaper Bag!

We bought, used, reviewed, and LOVE the Sunveno Baby diaper bag! See what we have to say in the video below 🙂  

Premium Aged Korean BBQ!

We’ve recently been on the search for the best Korean bbq in Cebu. We’ve tried out quite a number of Korean Bbq Restaurants but I believe we’ve found it! (so far) My family is quite the “night owl” – we’re usually more active during the night and asleep most of the day (well my husband…

6 Tips When Eating out with Baby

In this day and age, bringing our kids, even infants, out isn’t a big deal anymore. We even see newborns, literally just days old, in Malls or out of their homes – So Eating out plays a big part when we do go out.