Practice empathy

Feeling frustrated when something doesn’t go right? Or because you probably expected better from your kids?

Maybe it’s worth doing an internal check to understand why you feel that way and how it also affects your kids.

2nd Pregnancy with a toddler

Man, oh, man. Here I am at 33 weeks and 4 days, nearing the end of this pregnancy. With this pregnancy, it somehow seems to be taking longer than my last (I know, I know, all pregnancies are 9 months) – There’s just so much that has happened this time (and not really for the…

Homemade Popsicle | Increasing Fiber in take for Toddlers

Our daughter has been having problems pooping. She had an experience where the poop was so hard for her to push and when it came out, it was painful for her. That experience traumatised her and since then, she’s been holding in her poop for as long as she can. The beginning of this journey…