Cebu Safari

More and more attractions are popping in Cebu – here’s something new, a Safari! Before anything, Let me just put this out there that there is a major difference between a Zoo and a Safari. In a Zoo, animals are Caged with little to no space/freedom. A Safari is an open spaced area for animals to roam and be…

6 Tips When Eating out with Baby

In this day and age, bringing our kids, even infants, out isn’t a big deal anymore. We even see newborns, literally just days old, in Malls or out of their homes – So Eating out plays a big part when we do go out.

Daily Travel & Eating out with the little one + Tips!

You know what it is that I look for when deciding to go out? Comfortability. Not for me though but for my daughter. I now have a 13th month old baby girl and it’s gotten easier, for now, to go out and eat (or just go out in general). But man, oh, man, when she was much younger, like 1 month old-young, it was kind of a challenge.