Practice empathy

There are days that make us so proud of the milestones our children have reached.When these victories happen, we’re so quick to show them how much we’re proud of them and let them bask in the moment.

But what about “mishaps”, “drawbacks”, “oopsy moments”? We tend to be as quick with getting irritable, frustrated, and negative. But why?

If we understand that the “happy milestones” are worth being happy about, why can’t we realize that they are “milestones” for a reason and be more understanding when something doesn’t go right?

It’s hard.

We celebrate when our kids can start eating.

We celebrate when our kids starts walking.

We celebrate when our kids can say their first word.

We celebrate when our kids can count 1-10.

We celebrate when our kids become potty trained.


We get frustrated when our kids don’t finish their food.

We get annoyed when our kids ask to walk with us or run/play with them.

We get annoyed when they’re too loud and just blab here and there.

We find it annoying when kids constantly repeat what they’ve just said.

We get mad at our kids for accidentally peeing on the bed.

We have to be more understanding towards our children and adjust as needed.

It is US, the parents, that should be flexible towards them. If we think life is hard, then what about them? They have yet to even realize hardship.

But that isn’t the goal. The goal is to nurture our kids and provide a safe haven for them. A place where they can make any mistake and not be condemned – so they can learn and do better. We must be kind and accomodating in all moments, good and bad, so they can grow up and understand the same.

This world truly needs more empathetic people and it always starts at home. ❤

Sharing this because it has been a series of “hit and miss” with my 4 yo peeing on the bed. While she IS potty trained, there are still instances that she pees on the bed. After internalizing my feelings, I’m realizing where my frustration is coming from – and it’s very petty. Am just fed up with having to change the bed sheets and worrying about how to clean the mattress. But a happy child makes for a happy home ❤ Not clean sheets. (Though we do clean it!)

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